Together with the National University of Natural Medicine (NUNM), Joule Crafted Nutrition is committed to bringing nutrient dense, nourishing food to our Portland area community using tools like GrubHub's delivery service. Our menu has been analyzed by NUNM nutritionists to ensure that each item is compliant with various therapeutic diet protocols, and that those following specific diets to improve their health can safely enjoy our menu. With the ease of at-your-fingertips delivery to your home or office, you can now safely enjoy a variety of Food as Medicine options every day, regardless of how you choose to feed your body!

Joule Crafted Nutrition also offers select menu items in the NUNM school store, and we invite you to visit our restaurant to experience our full list of offerings.

To receive 10% off your total order, mention the NUNM promo code:




At Joule Crafted Nutrition, we believe that your time at our tables should be a comforting one, and leave your body and soul feeling energized, nourished and cared for, however you choose to feed it! 


Joule began in 2017 as a dream between a veteran chef wanting to use his culinary craft for good after seeing the effect nutrition had with the birth of his daughter, and a health-focused entrepreneur whose guiding principles are the wellness, joy, and success of his community and family.


Together they designed a menu that cut out all the fillers and left only the most nourishing ingredients, and built that same philosophy into the business model behind Joule.


Joule is free from gluten, sugar, soy, & corn, and every ingredient is carefully selected for its nutrient density and ability to work into whichever way of eating works best for our clients. We strive to make sure comforting and familiar flavors are in the spotlight of our menu so that everyone can enjoy them, no matter what their diet consists of.